Industry Leader in Soybeans.


Quarry Seed is Western Canada’s premier seed distributor focusing on exclusive soybean genetics as well as added value crop inputs. We offer the best varieties in the industry exclusive to our dealer network, and combined with the most innovative inputs, we can provide the grower with the highest returns.


Our extensive third party replicated plot trials and strip trials prove again and again that our dealers can offer optimal solutions for soybean production.


Making crop decisions is becoming more difficult in these challenging times, with the marketplace offering products that are not tested and proven under our Western Canadian conditions. Rely on Quarry Seed’s research and knowledge to gain the upper hand on your farm.   


Crop Type Link
Morris RR2 Soybeans 2014 Soybean
Oakville Soybeans 2014 Soybean
Gladstone Soybeans 2014 Soybean
Carman RR2 Soybeans 2014 Soybean
Oakville Inoculant 2014 Other
Crop Type Link
Halbrite Inoculant 2014 Other
Halbrite Fertilizer 2014 Other
Halbrite Seed Treatment 2014 Other